How To Demonstrate Value

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Some Qualifying Routines

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DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value) storytelling is an old-school and it’s something that once you master, will transform your dating life.

The last thing you need is to waste your time with a girl who is not interested in dating you. Russian girls drink a lot at nightclubs and because of that more fun things can happen. Also DDB. A cockblock can be a friend of the woman a friend of the pickup artist or a complete stranger. Also EV. Jeffries taught techniques which emphasized NeuroLinguisticProgramming and hypnosis and if you read the archives of those early boards its hard not to notice some latent hostility towards women in some of the posts.

Its hard to watch the show and not think that everybody on it is going to live a happier fuller life for the experience. The biggest obstacle to date Russian women in Russia is language. Its hard to resist the urge to be in a longterm relationship with this type of woman. He remains a controversial figure in the community but the role he played is undeniable.

Demonstrate Higher Value

Anyway, I felt really good on my ride home in my Lamborghini that day. What did you say your name was, again? The idea behind DHV storytelling is that you share an anecdote like the one above to convey that you have a lot of value to offer. You talk about the fact that you know hot girls, how you have a cool life, and maybe even casually throw in how successful you are.

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These can take many forms. Most simple magic tricks will work. Learning a couple of slight-of-hand tricks or a good card trick can work wonders, and is definitely worth the effort it will take to master. Expect to spend hours in front of a mirror, at least, to get a good slight-of-hand trick to work. Tarot cards work great. It may take several hours to get comfortable enough with the deck to be able to deliver, but being able to have the girl ask a question and pick a single card can make for a great quick demonstration of value.

Aura readings are another useful pickup tool. Girls tend to really enjoy that kind of stuff, but they will sense if you are faking.

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Quick Definition: A story or action used to increase the perceived value of a PUA within a setting, which results in increased attraction and interest from the opposite sex. Also known as Display High Value. DHVs are a part of every style of game. In MM , it is embedded in routines. Pre-selection — proving that other women want you; this is the hardest one to fake and one of the most powerful DHVs and attraction switches in evolutionary biology, a signal most likely to be correct because of its difficulty to fake.

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Seduction and Dating, Chris Calo’s Profile. The definition of a demonstration of higher value, more commonly known through the acronym DHV is simply a statement that increases your social status relative to the people around you. Originally introduced by Mystery, Erik Von Markovich, who showed that demonstrating higher value increases your attractiveness. The more you are worth, the more desirable you are.

Hhow can you go about demonstrating higher value? Well there are a few ways. The first way, most common and probably the least recommended one is to demonstrate higher value by telling people directly about yourself. Instead, a good way to DHV while still being direct is to bring up accomplishments and facts about yourself in a contextual situation.

For example, if people are talking about traveling, you could mention that you had a good time in New Zealand and that you recommend going to see the beaches with penguins. Contextual DHV works much better because it simply sounds as if you had something to share. Good story telling is one of the best ways of conveying massive DHV while still seeming natural.

For instance, you could be telling the story about your adventure in Peru, and while you were there, you can mention that you absorded the language in a few weeks. However, the absolute best DHV is indirect demonstration of higher values.

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And the answer is actually fairly simple: you show your value. Now, I know a few of you are recoiling because this sounds like some typical PUA shit. Why was Jock McPopCollar able to convince the woman you approached to go off with him instead?

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I have the reputation of hooking up with chicks , all the time some ppl who are virgins in my class, literally HATE me, although they never show it. So i pued this chick once, and she is associated her one of the virgins i’m talking with. SO that hb flaked on me a couple of times, and she got a job as a nurse! Last time i talked to her over the phone, she was unsure whether she wanted to meet me, and never wanted to go out with me for lunch. Now I followed Mystery’s bait , hook, reel, release, to regenerate attraction and called the same girl after two weeks.

They have qualities like kindness and forgiveness, etc I think i’ll have to stop talking to you for a while. In it’s most distiled interpretation it is getting her to earn you, she is literally meeting your “qualification” for women, thus qualifying.

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Foreign Editions Coming Soon. The assumption is that by a man displaying higher value he …. The nation’s wonderful thing about islands as well value the elevations of hills.

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Pickup Artist Mystery first dating the term. DHV dhv any action or story that increases the dating value of a pick up artist in the eyes of his target dhv the group. There are certain values that raise the perceived value of a pickup artist. These are:. A dating up artist will embed DATING values in his routines or demonstrate higher values with actions to impress dating target. Here is an example of DHVs embedded in a routine:.

How To Use DHV To Become Successful Dating Women